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Virginia Rigney maintains a studio for ceramics and jewelry in Point Richmond, where she has lived many years.  Trained as a painter at Stanford University, she also continues to draw and paint.

Her ceramic sculpture of the last 10 years is predominately done in high fire salt glazed stoneware.  Forms are created to invoke a sense of the spirit made visible. “I feel a co-creator present with me as I create my forms.” Guardians and sentinels have been a reoccurring theme. 

Virginia has an extensive exhibit history, most recently exhibiting with the Ceramics Annual of America at Fort Mason in 2012 and 2013 and at the Richmond Art Center. 

Pit firing, the oldest known method for the firing of clay, is a process dating back thousands of years and has many variations. My exhibited work was fired at Dillon Beach in Marin County. A large pit was dug in the sand. The bottom of the pit was layered with sawdust and then filled with bisqued (low fired) ceramic work. Copper oxides and salts were scattered over the ceramic work to create colors during the fire. The work was covered with cow dung and pine logs and the fire started. It is the smoke and chemical atmosphere within the pit that creates the colors in the clay. The pit burned for about 6-8 hours, cooled, and the ceramic work then carefully extracted. These finished pieces have been washed and waxed.

Email: / Phone: (510) 301-2649

Virginia Rigney
Virginia Rigney
Virginia Rigney
Virginia Rigney
Virginia Rigney
Virginia Rigney
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