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About Us


To encourage and aid artists to share their work, their ideas, and their enthusiasm with fellow artists and the greater community, among other activities.


The Arts of Point Richmond (AOPR) is a self-governed volunteer association established in 2008 by Altha Humphrey to bring local artists and the community together in a meaningful way.


AOPR collaborates with Point Richmond businesses, organizations, and Washington School, hosts a variety of interest groups, and sponsors an annual Holiday Faire, Art Exhibitions, and the "Taking It Outdoors" (TIO) banner projects.

AOPR continues to explore new avenues of artistic expression and community engagement, driven by the creativity and energy of its more than 100 members.

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Pt Richmond Music Fest 2018

Leadership Committee

The AOPR Leadership Committee makes executive decisions and sets the organizational direction in consultation with the membership.

Committee Members:

  • Becca Riley (Finance & Membership)

  • Margi Sullivan (Member at Large)

  • Caitlin Hibma (Recording Secretary)

  • Siobhan Siegel (Social Media)

  • Susan Caput (Member at Large)

  • Andi Biren (Member at Large)

  • Ward Bell (Chair, Website & Technology)

Exhibition & Events Committee

The Exhibition Committee organizes calls for art and art exhibitions at Linda Lee Drake Memorial Gallery at El Sol Restaurant, Lara's Fine Dining, Point Richmond Post Office windows, and "Taking It Outdoors" banners. 

Committee Members:

  • Anna Froker

  • Debi Cooper

  • Ann Wizer

  • Jan Chleboun

  • K Olival

  • Susy Siddens

  • Kenoli Oleari

  • Louise Williams

  • Sharon Goods

  • Andi Biren

  • Marilyn Hertzberg

  • Margi Sullivan

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