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Art Tag

It’s hard to know if the best part of Art Tag is the creative inspiration, the fun exchange with other participants, the encouragement to try something new, or the end result: a fascinating array of art inspired by a single theme and by each other.

"After Rotko" by Mary Lee Cole
"Home at Last" by Louise Williams

1. How does it work?

Sort of like a chain letter. It is much simpler to do than to explain, but here’s an outline: The participants collectively choose a theme, and then each participant creates a piece in any medium, using the theme as inspiration. Each participant then passes the piece he/she created to the name below his/her name on the list of participants, and receives a piece from the participant whose name is above his/hers on the list. Everyone creates a second piece, taking inspiration from the piece they received and still related to the original theme. The process is repeated one more time, and then finally all the participants meet and show their artwork.

2. How much time do I get to create each piece?

Plenty! Typically 5 or 6 weeks.

3. How do I know who to pass my art to?

When you sign up, you'll receive a list of all the participants, and you will pass to the person AFTER you on the list.

4. How do I pass my piece?

Up to you. In person or take a photo and send it via email.


5. Will I get my piece back after I've passed it?


Absolutely! And if you prefer to simply share an image of it, that's fine too.

6. Could you please show me examples of the kind of pieces people have created?

Yes! For the theme "After the Masters", Bob Colin, who is a photographer, created a self-portrait modeled after a Rembrandt self-portrait and passed it to Andi Biren. She was inspired to paint a self-portrait similar to a Rembrandt portrait of a woman reading. Bob's second piece inspired Andi to create an Andy Warhol-esque photo montage.

Bob Colin Art Tag 1
Andi Birin Art Tag 2
Bob Colin Art Tag 2
Andi Birin Art Tag 3

7. This sounds like fun! How do I sign up?

Email for more information or to sign-up.

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