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Fat Pencils

Mixed Media Artist

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Originally from England and now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Susy Siddens is an emerging artist committed to showcasing new works locally under the name Fat Pencils. Her journey began with a comprehensive education in art, film, and design history, culminating in a BA[Hons] from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, in collaboration with the Psalter Lane School of Art.



While in the UK, Susy served as an exhibitions coordinator for prestigious institutions such as Nottingham Castle Museum and Leicester City Gallery. Upon relocating to California, she interned at the San Jose Museum of Art before assuming the role of director at Robert Aichele Fine Arts. In this capacity, Susy curated a broad array of exhibitions from old master drawings to featuring artists from the Society of Six and the Bay Area Figurative movements.

A pivotal point in Susy's career came when the painter, Nathan Oliveira, provided a unique opportunity to delve into his life and work. Serving as a research archivist, she organized the chaotic aspects of Oliveira's life, contributing to the book accompanying the 2002 SFMOMA retrospective exhibition. This experience unearthed captivating discoveries, including a collaborative print with Willem de Kooning, a photo with his close friend Stan Getz, and images of him mentoring Manuel Neri.


Currently, Susy serves as the managing director of a full-service graphic design agency and is a frequent guest speaker at San Francisco State University. She was a member of the San Francisco artists collaborative Big Umbrella Studios until moving to Marin. Evenings and weekends are dedicated to her focus on making patterns to delight; a ten-year journey to find her artistic voice, with 2024 marking the fifth year of this exploration. Documenting her progress through regular posts on Instagram, Susy sets intentions, joins art classes, and dedicates countless hours to her creativity, resulting in ever-more rewardin

Fat Pencils
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