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GayleAsali Dickson

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My name is Gayle Asali Dickson. I have been drawing since I was "kneehigh" to a grasshopper. As a young adult I drew for the Black Panther Party Newspaper on a regular basis. I also used art as a teaching tool at one of its survival programs, the Oakland Community School. I am an ordained minister. I used my art sometimes to illustrate my sermons. For 14 years, before retiring, I gave art-related classes, exhibts and workshops at a senior housing complex in Oakland, California.


In 2010, I began painting in acrylics. My work includes spiritual musings, lessons from the environment, stories from the Bible, life, history and current events. Most recenty, I am drawing from the Black Panther Party's 10 Point Platform and Program. I have also begun to focus on portraits.

GayleAsali Dickson





graphic pencil, acrylics


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