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Joy Dibble Neas

Multicultural Healing Artist

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I was born and raised in Richmond, CA. My father worked for Chevron for 45 years so Pt. Richmond is special to me. I currently live in Stockton. I decided to join the Arts of Pt. Richmond because I am impressed with all the art opportunities that are offered to member artists.

I have spent a lifetime learning about and creating art. I most enjoy crochet, beading, folk art forms from around the world, photography, sidewalk chalk art and poetry.

My life is all about art – appreciating it, studying it, making it, sharing it, promoting it and preserving it. My goal, as an artist, is to help people look at the world in new ways encouraging everyone to experience the beauty that exists all around us.

Joy Dibble Neas





crochet, beading, cultural folk art, photography

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