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Kenoli Oleari

Oli & Pastel Artist, Graphic Artist, Giclee Printer, Community Activist

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I spent a number of years learning and painting with oils and pastels, working with Anthony Holdsworth, Oakland artist in his West Oakland studio. More recently, I have focused on giclee printing, collaborating with my partner, Sharon Goods to transform some of her original art using giclee technology. Sharon and I have created a workshop on The fine art of Giclee, the artistic eye: the collaboration between human and machine in creating fine art" that we have offered to local arts groups including AOPR. I'm working with a group in my community to develop an arts district and spending a lot of time on AOPR projects. In between all of that, I'm involved in a local amateur radio group focused on using radio in emergency preparedness.

Kenoli Oleari





Oils, pastels, computer art, graphic design


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