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Les Phillips

Mixed Media Artist

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The first artwork I sold was a drawing of my aunt’s car when I was eight years old. A fellow who told me he collected art gave me two bucks for it and said “I’m hangin’ on to this kid, because someday you’re gonna be famous.” He was wrong about the being famous part but it instilled in me a desire to be an artist.

I came to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend college and loved the place such that I never left. I chose San Francisco for it’s vibrant art community and history and I’ve not been disappointed. I’ve gone through a variety of art styles, mediums and endeavors over the years, from portraiture and landscapes in watercolor and oils to ceramics and sculpture to photographic works and mail art. Most recently I have settled into creating mixed media abstract works on canvas and board using acrylic, spray paint, epoxy resin and found objects.

Les Phillips





Mixed Media, collage

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