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Louise Kleinsorge Williams

Composite Artist/Photographer

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Louise Williams is a Bay Area artist and portrait photographer whose work celebrates the human condition with all its foibles, delights, and ironies. Her whimsical images are narrative collages, revealing our idiosyncrasies and attachments. She draws on her own past experiences for inspiration, choosing animals as characters since their charm and humor abound. The images evolve from her imagination as she works. Rarely does she know what will unfold from the seed of an idea.

She weaves together material from a variety of sources to digitally compose her images. Creating them has been a great source of joy for the artist who intends to engage and delight all viewers.


Williams draws from the following sources for her material: her own photographic archives, Rijkstudio, Canstock, Dreamweaver, Pixel Squid and Midjourney.


Williams' work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited in the Bay Area and beyond at Toby's Art Gallery, the Sebastapol Gallery, Studio Channel Islands, Laguna Gallery, The Chateau Gallery, and the Foto Nostrum Gallery in Barcelona.


She has a husband and two sons and lives on the edge of the San Francisco Bay with gulls and cormorants as neighbors as well as coots when they winter in the area.







Louise Kleinsorge Williams
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