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M. Gayle "Asali" Dickson

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My name is M. Gayle “Asali” Dickson. Though my signature on my drawings and paintings is evolving, my love and concern for all of Creation is constant and will always remain. This means all of Mother Nature: humans, animals, birds, insects, plants and our entire environment from the land, to the skies, to the seas. My paintings and drawings, hopefully, tell stories that engage you, our viewers, in these stories. In brief, my art is guided by my inner voice(s), unabashed truth-telling as well as sacred love.

Survival Pending Revolution; 1970s Vintage Art by Asali (1972-1974)

From 1972-1974, I was the only woman artist for the Black Panther Intercommunal News Service, commonly referred to as the Black Panther Paper. During that time, several of my drawings appeared on its back pages. My name at that time was Asali. The stories I presented were of a hope-filled future for all, while also pointing out and exposing the neglect and abuse of and by the federal, state and local governments. My vision was anchored in the Black Panther Party’s 10-Point Platform and Program. In this exhibit, I am sharing 28 drawings from this series.

Spirit Talk: Fond Memories and the Art of Letting Go (2010 - Present)

In 2010, I began to paint with acrylic. My focus began with Biblical stories. Then, I began to share some of my fondest memories; as well as point out the social conditions confronting me personally and our broader society. Currently, my work is moving more in the direction of "Spirit Talk" as I practice the "Art of Letting Go." However, as in past years and decades, my mission continues to tell joyous and even tragic stories which engage viewers towards positive reflection, action and healing. Featured here are examples of my current work.


M. Gayle "Asali" Dickson





graphic pencil, acrylics


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