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Marilyn Hertzberg

Creator with Shells etc.

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I was a young child my parents enrolled me in a New York neighborhood dance class. Dance became a passion throughout my school years. The skills and knowledge I gained over those years regarding space, balance, and flow now inform my creative process. I also love color and pattern, and these also play an important part as I gather the many pieces that form each creation.


Starting in 1982, sparked by a mobile I made with shells collected while on vacation to Cape Cod. Shellscapes began with a focus on unique home adornments; lights, candles, clocks, wreaths, sun catchers, mirrors, holiday items, sculptures and grew to include a line of one-of-a-kind jewelry.


When I create, I love to combine a wide range of natural materials; shells and sea life, agate slices, mineral and crystal clusters, driftwood, and vine wreaths for most of the home line. For necklaces and sun catchers, I use a variety of beads: crystal, shell (both polished and dyed), coral, mineral, wood, and bamboo. I often use a variety of production parts and materials to make sure that what I make is both beautiful and useful.


Marilyn Hertzberg





shell art -three dimensional and photography

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