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Paige Tashner


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Born in Portland, OR

Lives/Works in Point Richmond, CA


Paige Tashner, native Oregonian, East Bay California transplant and longtime Burning Man participant, has been sharing her sense of creativity and quirkiness for several years.


It started with an electric, single-occupancy, drivable cupcake car, followed by large-scale installations, Stardust, the Purr Pods and Trust, with a present-day focus on 3 ft. long metal cat sculptures.


Stardust a 9 ft. wide, 10 ft. high, glowing, flying saucer-shaped bench was created for Burning Man 2018 and went on to grace the snowy Portland Winter Lights Festival in Oregon in 2019 and the cozy Dark Room of the Bay Area Maker Faire in California later that spring.


Landing at Burning Man in 2019, the Purr Pods, inspired by the artist’s own pets, are interactive mild steel cat sculptures the size of a VW Bug. In addition to Burning Man, people have experienced the Purr Pods in several U.S. cities and Bristol, England.

The Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box extended and combined her love of cats and 3D blacklight stuff for the delightful Golden Guy Gallery at Burning Man in 2022.

Her ongoing venture, the Demure Le Purr cat sculptures, are 1/3 scale of the Purr Pods. Her first one, Spring Kitten, sold at the Sotheby's auction, Boundless Space...The Possibilities of Burning Man in the fall of 2021. Exhibitions for UV-reactive versions of these sculptures include Oakland’s Autumn Lights Festival, the Portland Winter Light Festival and Garden of D'Lights at the Ruth Bancroft Garden.


And in 2023, Trust, her third Black Rock City Honoraria installation, is heading to Burning Man!



Current Project Website:


Paige Tashner
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