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Stella Luna Hill


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Since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed making art. I am 17 now and even though I have not received formal training, I feel like I have a good basic understanding of shapes and blending. I know that my skills are minimal, compared to all the amazing artists out there, but I still have plenty of time to learn. I’d say that my specialty is sketching with colored pencils. I feel most comfortable with pencils because I have used them the longest and I enjoy the fact that if I make a mistake I can get rid of it. I have been exploring watercolors and recently I have gotten heavily into sculpting, which I love.

When I look at a painting I love to notice all the little details and the story behind the paint. I am impressed when an artist can create the mood of a place or show a person’s thoughts on a face with just a brush, canvas and color. I try to do that with my pencils as well. I think the world needs more art and I can’t wait to put mine out there along with the others.

One of my biggest inspirations is my grandma, Sharon Goods. She is also an artist and her art has always hung on the walls of my home. Whenever I see her art, I am amazed at the work she does. I love the colors and the different mediums she puts together. When I was little, I often visited her colorful home, full of art tools, where I would paint and draw as much as I wanted. When we were together I felt most free with my art. She showed me many techniques that I use today and I am excited to learn new skills every time I am with her.

Thank you to AOPR for the opportunity to share my art!

Stella Luna Hill







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