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Linda Lee Drake Memorial Gallery

at El Sol Mexican Restaurant

Art of the African Diaspora Satellite Exhibition

Paintings by

Arthur Norcome


Bernadette Robertson

January 14—March 2, 2024

Arthur Norcome

Arthur Norcome is a California-based painter who creates abstract watercolor paintings. His work is an investigation of control versus chaos by using blocks of color and bold strokes to add structure and stability to the mediums' desire to run free. His work also explores the natural luminosity of watercolors.


He earned his BFA in illustration from the California College of Arts and Crafts and his years of illustration and logo design remain a prominent influence on how he uses shapes, colors, and lines within his work.


He has recurring yearly shows with The Art of the African Diaspora and the Invisible Atelier and is regularly shown in other venues within the San Francisco Bay Area.



Bernadette Robertson

Bernadette is a self-taught painter who is intrigued by exploring the properties of light and texture, primarily with oils. Also a published writer, Bernadette strives to communicate feelings and emotions through visual and language media. 

Bernadette was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and much of her work explores her relationship to the ocean, nature, and aspects of her African American and Creole cultural heritage. Now residing in Northern California, she draws inspiration from many things, including her garden, music, community, passion for social justice, and the intricacies with which she sees the things around us.

“Personal spiritual expansion, enabled by paint and brush strokes, is the ultimate goal. I am expanded beyond myself, and my desire is for viewers to experience new openness and connection too.”


Bernadette's art is in collections across California, the United States and internationally.




101 Park Place,
Point Richmond, CA 94801

Open: Mon—Sat


Closed Sundays

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