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Point Richmond

Post Office

"Family Album Revisited"


Sharon Taylor-Ward

May 13—July 8, 2024



This project is a collaboration with friends, family, and strangers who are willing to stand on the other end of my lens and reveal something of themselves. 


I add layers of color and photos of: nature, walls of graffiti, family treasures, found objects and backgrounds from places I have visited. The layers are blended in Photoshop then flattened to create a Photo Composition resulting in a new look and new story.



(A Personal Project)


This ongoing project started during COVID when we were in isolation.  I was longing to see family again. I wanted them to be part of my life now.


Most were long gone.  Some I never met. I now had the time to find my Mother's old photo album from the 1920's and 30"s, study the images and remember some of the stories told. 


I scanned the original 2x3 photos, selected out the relative I wanted to work with, then created a Photo Composition with photographs I have taken from my current life and travels.


It is meant to be playful, mess with reality and time boundaries and make me smile.

104 Washington Avenue, Point Richmond, CA 94801

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