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Enjoy the benefits of AOPR Membership

  1. Share your work, your ideas, your enthusiasm with fellow artists.

  2. Participate in AOPR-sponsored Exhibitions

  3. Tell your story in the Artists Gallery

  4. Join an AOPR interest group

  5. Support the arts in our community

Sign Up in the website

Whether you're a new or an existing AOPR member, you'll want to sign up on the website to access member-only features.

Here's how:

1. Click "Log In" in the header

2. Switch from "Log In" to "Sign Up"

3. Chose Social Sign Up

or Email & Password

Complete the process and you'll be logged in.

Now you see a special menu for the Member's Area

Pick Profile and tell us what you're about.

You can also update your picture, and your member-area banner.

Pick My Account to enter a few basic facts.

Notice that you decide what others can see.

Finally pay your annual Dues

If you're already current ... THANK YOU. No need to pay again until next year.

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