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In Memory of David Moore

David Moore was a beloved member of Arts of Point Richmond for many years and was AOPR’s webmaster from 2014 to 2019. Sadly, he passed away on February 24, 2023.

David was an artist whose tools were pens, pencils, and watercolor. He said that he loved drawing from the time he was a kid growing up on an 80-acre corn and soybean farm in Southern Illinois.

After he got out of the army, David moved to San Francisco and took life drawing classes at the San Francisco Academy of Art. He had read that if you could draw the human figure you could draw anything. He started drawing and never stopped, all through his varied art life, which ranged from cutting-edge computer assisted design to a successful greeting card company selling political satire paper dolls. David did lots of free work for nonprofits like Saffron Strand & Oakland libraries, and wonderful political cartoons for Richmond Progressive Alliance.

David was one of the founding members of the Art Squad in the early 1970s, who met weekly first in San Francisco and later in Point Richmond. The Art Squad “team” drew collaboratively, literally on each other’s art – ever since the ‘70s.

As one of the early members of the Arts of Point Richmond, David was an active participant and volunteer. In 2022, he had a show in the Point’s post office windows - a comprehensive summary of his career, closely followed by an exhibit in the West Side branch of the Richmond Public Library.

David’s instantly recognizable drawing style seems effortless, and perfectly captures the emotions, humor, and concerns of people going about their lives. He was a talented, friendly, sweet, and kind man, and will be missed by all of us here in Point Richmond.

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David always had a smile and working on the PO window with him was a pleasure, I got to know him a little better and we enjoyed many cups of coffee together.

Jan Chleboun


So sorry to hear about David's passing. He always greeted me with a warm smile. He will be missed.

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