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Mesmerizing New Post Office Exhibit

Nora Lee has been printing photographic images on various materials since 2005, and is especially drawn to making photos that portray movement. Her current exhibition at the Post Office is inspired by several years of observing and photographing the seductively balletic movements of jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Nora transformed the large display windows of the Post Office into a visual aquarium containing four species of jellyfish and giving the impression of 3-dimensional objects in a 2-dimensional medium.

She printed her images in black and white, heightening their delicacy and drama, and onto a substrate of Crêpe Georgette silk. The ethereal fabric moves with the weightlessness of an underwater environment, imitating the exquisite real-life choreography and interplay of these graceful creatures in their fluid world.

The exhibit runs from September 6—November 21. For more about Nora Lee and her work, please go to

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