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This year's entire installation of Taking It Outdoors (TIO) is now completed, with artwork by AOPR artists displayed on 54 banners throughout the Point. A banner location map will soon be printed and distributed to AOPR members, local businesses and residents.

(Photograph by Sharon Taylor-Ward)

In response to the issue of banner theft that occurred last winter, the TIO team is experimenting with new, hopefully more secure, banner locations. Check out the six large banners hung on the cyclone fence along West Richmond Avenue near the main entrance to the (unofficial) dog park. This is a new location for TIO, with plenty of neighborhood foot traffic and a pleasant grassy area with benches and tables. While the team were installing the banners, passersby were already noticing and complimenting the art and the banner project!

(Oil Painting by Jeanne Hendrikson)

After school is out in early June, the TIO-Kids team will add 38 banners created by Washington School students to an adjacent section of the dog park fence. In future, the TIO team looks forward to exploring new locations and developing new ways to bring art into our community.

Congratulations and appreciation to the TIO Team—Kenoli Oleari, Sharon Goods, Dee Bell and Ward Bell—for helping to make this project an ongoing success, and to K Olival for assistance with banner installation.

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