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TIO-KIDS Banners Reflect Diversity

After months of working with the City of Richmond and teachers and students at Washington School, the TIO-Kids team assisted by AOPR volunteers hung thirty colorful and uplifting banners on the cyclone fence bordering the schoolyard along Cutting Boulevard.

The theme for the exhibition is “Cultural Diversity and Diversity in Nature,” and the art reflects messages of unity and kindness. Preschool students through 6th grade classes participated and 7 outstanding pieces were chosen from each class to be printed on banners for display.

Currently, the banners face the school grounds, so that students and teachers can enjoy their work; when classes end in June, the banners will be reversed so that they face outward, toward the street.

The covid pandemic has taken a toll on kids and teachers, and this project, supported by a COVID Relief Mini Grant from the City of Richmond Arts and Culture Commission/Public Art Advisory Committee 2022, brought a welcome infusion of hope and positivity to everyone at the school. Congratulations and thanks to Kenoli Oleari and Sharon Goods of the Taking it Outdoors Team for their vision and perseverance.

Additional thanks to Brian McGilloway, K. Olival, Nora Lee, Rita Gardner, and Anna Froker for help with hanging the banners.

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