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Solo & Small Group Shows


Are you interested in showing your work in a Solo or Small Group Exhibition?

Do you have a concept or proposal that you'd like to present?

The AOPR venue suitable for solo and small group (2-4 artists) exhibits is the POST OFFICE WINDOWS, located at 104 Washington Avenue. Two large display windows offer wall space for two dimensional art, plus floor space for 3-D work. The sidewalk location provides great public visibility, but heat and sunlight might be undesirable for certain media. Exhibits are rotated every two months.

Contact venue managers Jan Chleboun ( and Louise Williams ( for more information or to add your name to the list of upcoming exhibiting artists. Artists must prepare an Artist's Statement in order to be considered.

The selection process reflects our philosophy to support both established and emerging artists and AOPR's mission to enrich our community by promoting appreciation, support and exposure to the Arts. When considering art for solo and small group shows, our considerations include:

  • Is there a sufficient body of work that is engaging and well-crafted for a solo or small group exhibition?

  • Is the work appropriate for display in a public venue (eg. "family friendly”)?

  • Is the work a good fit for the venue space?

  • What sort of involvement has the artist had in AOPR?

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