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Past Exhibitions

Linda Drake Gallery

at El Sol Mexican Restaurant


April 9—July 16, 2023

Paintings by Lenore Stormes and Jean Brady


Lenore Stormes

Watercolor, acrylic, and oil


I find great joy and inspiration in nature and in traveling to new places. Art and design are threads that weave through all of my endeavors—interior design, fashion design, stained glass—and after retiring from a 29-year career in laboratory design for the biotech industry I am thoroughly enjoying a return to the colorful world of painting! 



instagram: lenorestormesartist

Jean Brady

Watercolor and pastel


I joined Arts of Point Richmond in 2010 with encouragement from one of AOPR's founders, Linda Calvin-Drake, and it has been a valuable resource as an artist! I love painting animals, flowers, coastal landscapes and images that tell a story. Many of my paintings highlight scenes of local interest, such as the historic wigwag train signal in Point Richmond.





Fine Dining

AOPR Member Exhibition

January 28 - June 24, 2023


This is one of our best shows ever, so be sure to treat yourself and have a look! The exhibition features 54 pieces of art by 35 AOPR artists working in collage, oils, acrylics, photography, watercolor, textiles, metal and more. Art is displayed throughout the restaurant.

Big thanks to Lara, for hosting AOPR exhibitions, to organizers and exhibition managers Louise Williams and Jan Chleboun, and to all the AOPR volunteers who helped with installation of the show! 

Point Richmond

Post Office

Doug Smith & Peter Carleton

Dye on Aluminum

March 15—May 15, 2023

Smith_Giant Clam.jpg

Dr. Douglas B. Smith Artist Statement


I began my photography training underwater! Beginning in the 1990’s, I traveled to warm water diving locations and participated in underwater photography training workshops conducted by a National Geographic photographer. Selected images from this phase of my work are included the Point Richmond post office exhibition.


I recently participated in the Arts of Point Richmond Art Tag experience, where participants were challenged to create Accidental Art.  When frozen food packed in dry ice arrived at my doorstep, I seized the opportunity to use the dry ice to create accidental images.  Using a crystal ball lens and dry ice in water, I captured amazing images ─ some of these are also on display in the Post Office windows.



Carlton 2.jpg

Peter Carleton Artist Statement


My inspiration comes when my medium “acts up” and does something I hadn’t anticipated. I work with the class of dyes used for printing on fabrics or making photo “metal prints.” I sometimes apply the dyes in powdered form to a dampened surface, but usually they are mixed with water and thickened with shaving cream, a trick I learned from children. I use brushes, squeegees, bouncing balls—anything handy—to apply and manipulate the “paint”.


The white polyester coating on the aluminum strongly resists the dye, so I can often wipe off failed accidents and start over. When an accident is happy enough, I heat the metal to permanently set the dye.




Linda Drake Memorial Gallery

at El Sol Mexican Restaurant

Art of the African Diaspora

Satellite Exhibition

Photographs by

Saida Nassirruddin


Ron Calime

February 26—April 8, 2023

Saida Nassirruddin

Floral Portrait Photographer

Point Richmond

Post Office

Bonnie Leonard & Becca Riley

Fused Glass and Textiles

January 9—March 14, 2023

Bonnie Installing.jpg
Becca Installing 3.jpeg

Photos by Louise Williams

Artists' Statement

What began as a discussion about the rigidity of glass and the softness of textile morphed into a year-long collaboration between textile artist Becca Riley and fused glass artist Bonnie Leonard. The goal was to spotlight the importance of healthy marshes in our ecosystem. The year was filled with creating, experimenting, at times failing, and ultimately succeeding in combining the two disparate media into a depiction of a marsh viewed through the artists' eyes (and a better understanding of each other's perspective). We hope that you enjoy viewing our creation and that you take away an appreciation for the importance that wetlands play in our lives.

*Special thanks to AOPR artist Paige Tashner for making the legs for the egret and the oystercatcher, and to venue managers Jan Chleboun and Louise Williams for their encouragement and physical labor to help install the exhibition.


For further information about our marshes, visit Save the Bay and National Park Service

101 Park Place,
Point Richmond, CA 94801

Open: Mon—Sat


Closed Sundays

Taking It Outdoors

Banners of the 2022 Season

Out of the studio and into the public square

Linda Drake Memorial Gallery

at El Sol Mexican Restaurant

"Women of the Andes"

Paintings by Gabriela Nuñez

November 13—February 26, 2023



Instagram:  gabrielanunezartist


Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in my late teens.  Since childhood, I have expressed myself through art, and my Peruvian heritage remains a strong influence on my work.

My inspiration comes from the dignity and innocence of the Indigenous women and children of the Andes: the ready expression of emotions on their faces, the size and strength of their hands and feet, and the hard work they do. I am impressed by their practice of traditional crafts, reflected in the colorful handwoven clothing and knitted garments they wear, including their hats, which vary according to region, and are thus symbols of identity as well as offering protection from the elements. 


Through my art, I would like people to see the beauty of the Andean women and their culture. These paintings represent my personal vision of Andean women, creatively portrayed with love and respect. 

Point Richmond

Post Office

Nancy Whitley

 Nov. 8, 2022—Jan. 2, 2023 


_DSC7337a 12w.jpg

Nancy Whitley has exhibited her photography in several Bay Area venues and is honored to have been invited to exhibit a selection of her work in the Post Office windows.



Instagram: @nwhitley60

_DSC7382b 12w.jpeg

"My quest is to discover the Illusion, the reflection, the bare truth; to see the beauty, the irony, the puzzle. And always, the detail."

Linda Drake Memorial Gallery

at El Sol Mexican Restaurant

"El Día de los Muertos"

Paintings by Eric Carlstrom

October 16—November 13 2022

Eric Carlstrom at El Sol

Don't miss Eric Carlstrom's suitably colorful, creepy and imaginative exhibition to celebrate Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos). On display for one month only. 

Eric is inspired by tattoo art and Japanese wood block prints, and he paints mostly in acrylics. He also enjoys assemblage sculpture, and in this exhibition, he incorporates sculptural, 3-D elements in his paintings. Eric believes that art can be moving and inspirational, or simply fun and humorous. The use of bright colors and heavy black outlines in his paintings makes them visually vibrant and personally distinctive. He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please email, or find him on Facebook and Instagram:

Point Richmond

Post Office

Photographer Nora Lee

 September 6—November 21, 2022 

"Float On"

Nora Lee Portrait

Image by Louise Williams

Nora has been printing photographic images on various materials since 2005, and is especially drawn to making photos that portray movement. Her current exhibition at the Post Office is inspired by several years of observing and photographing the seductively balletic movements of jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Nora transformed the large display windows of the Post Office into a visual aquarium containing four species of jellyfish and giving the impression of 3-dimensional objects in a 2-dimensional medium.


She printed her images in black and white, heightening their delicacy and drama, and onto a substrate of Crêpe Georgette silk. The ethereal fabric moves with the weightlessness of an underwater environment, imitating the exquisite real-life choreography and interplay of these graceful creatures in their fluid world.

For more about Nora Lee and her work, please go to

Jellyfish by Nora Lee

Kaleidoscope Coffee

Creatures Real & Imagined

Sept 1 - Oct 31, 2022

Opening Reception 

Friday September 9, 2022  Sunday  2 pm - 4 pm

Kaleidoscope Coffee, 109 Park Place, Point Richmond

Kaleidoscope Creatures Show Poster

Wild and domesticated animals have long inhabited the depths of the human imagination and artists have brought mythic creatures to life in a visual form since antiquity.


Every culture, primitive and high-tech, that concerns itself with animal imagery and creatures born of our imaginations.


From part-human or animal hybrids to entirely fantastic beasts and spirit beings, creatures continue to thrill, terrify, inspire and entertain us. They give shape to our greatest hopes, fears and most passionate dreams and visions.

- Sharon Goods

Poster artists (from left to right): Louise Williams, DJ Leland, K Olival, Emily Erickson.

Linda Drake Memorial Gallery

at El Sol Mexican Restaurant

Clay Monoprints

by Virginia Rigney and Nancy Foss

July 17—October 17, 2022

"I am a watercolorist, and so for me, making clay monoprints was a new adventure." —Nancy Foss (pictured on left)

This innovative form of print-making begins with a raw clay slab. Artists paint onto the slab with colored slip (liquid clay tinted with colorant), and then add texture and imagery using a variety of tools and techniques. 

"From earliest memory, I've found tremendous satisfaction working with clay and with paint, and making clay monoprints combines these two loves: painting and clay."   —Virgina Rigney (pictured above on right)

When the design is finished, a large sheet of cloth-like paper is laid on top of the clay, and a brayer is used to pressure transfer a single print from slab to cloth. Each image is one-of-a-kind, a hand-pulled original.

To see more of Virginia's work, please go to

Point Richmond

Post Office

The Artists

This site-specific installation, "Symbiosis", is an aesthetic narrative, a conversation among the elements of line, shape, texture, color, and value, within the contained spaces of the Post Office windows. It is the result of a two-year collaboration between the artists Penelope Anstruther and Betsy Kellas who recreated the Post Office windows in their studio to better understand and respond to limitations and possibilities inherent in the actual spaces.

Penelope Anstruther and Betsy Kellas

July 11 - September 6, 2022 


Noun: A cooperative relationship (as between two persons or groups): The two artists, each with their own style, share a symbiosis that enriches both their individual and collaborative work.”

The work evolved over many months with time spent in deeply focused conversations and critiques, as well as serious experiments and playful explorations of a wide range of materials including found objects, ready-mades, and clay. The installation is intended to engage the viewer, create curiosity, and spark imagination.

For more samples of Betsy's work, please go to

To see more of Penelope's work, please go to


Fine Dining

AOPR Member Exhibition

June 25, 2022 - Jan, 2023

"Spring Fennel"
"Pine Feathers"
"Ice Flower Melting"
"The Voyeur"

Art by AOPR members is displayed throughout the restaurant. Featured artists include: Rita Gardner, Nancy Noble, Sharon Taylor-Ward, Nancy Whitley, Louise Williams, Carol Gray, Marilyn Hertzberg, Carol Engelbrecht, Sharon Goods, Virginia Rigney, Ellen Pechman, Andi Biren, Jan Chleboun, Nora Lee, Mary Lee Cole, Jean Brady, Peter Carleton, Richard Ward, Gail Morrison, DJ Leland, Carol Lettko, Bob Colin, Debi Cooper, and Jackie Mucha.

Point Richmond

Post Office

David Moore Portrait.jpg

I have done book illustrations and political cartoons and had a greeting card company. In 1974 I was one of the founding members of the Art Squad, at first in San Francisco and later here in Point Richmond. We have met weekly to draw collaboratively, literally drawing on each other’s art.


I continue to do lots of drawings for friends and family. And I love the Arts of Point Richmond!


For more samples of my work, please go to

David Moore

May 31 - July 11, 2022 

Pen, pencil and watercolor

I have loved drawing since I was a kid growing up on an 80 acre corn and soybean farm in Southern Illinois.  

I moved to San Francisco when I got out of the army. I decided to go to art school when I heard the saying that “if you can draw the human figure, you can draw anything.” I signed up for life drawing classes at the SF Academy of Art and loved doing them and kept drawing all kinds of things.  


Linda Drake Memorial Gallery

at El Sol Mexican Restaurant

April 4—July 15, 2022


Featuring AOPR artists Gabriela Nunez, Greg Urban, Mary Lee Cole, Susan Shore, Bob Colin, DJ Leland, Mindy Pines, Brian McGilloway, Sharon Goods, Sharon Taylor-Ward, Nancy Whitley, Marilyn Hertzberg, Carol Letko, Stella Kim, Emily Erickson, Delaney Henderson, Virginia Rigney, Cherie Carter, Rita Gardner, Andi Biren and Judy Rattner.
"Birthday Girl"
"Puppy Love"

Point Richmond

Jane Emley & Rita Gardner


March 28 - May 31, 2022 

01a_RitaGardner large.jpg

Jane Emley

Anchored by Beauty


Teasingly, I am called a color-drunk fool. And I am.


I also delight in the small and great wonders of nature; textures, patterns, forms, clouds, light, and shadows all delight my eye.


Living during the pandemic has challenged us so profoundly. My refuge is going outside. Capturing the beauty that surrounds me has become my anchor. It is a way to recenter and restore myself and my sense of hope.  


It’s my pleasure to share this space with Rita Gardner

Rita Gardner

Nature’s Inspirations


I have always been awed by nature – there is no end to how it can teach us about our world, and even heal us.


This has been especially true during the pandemic, when being outdoors was a balm many of us sought as our world shrank.


I’m pleased to be joined in this exhibit by photographer Jane Emley, as we both share images of the natural world that have inspired us

Ink Brush Treescape_Tilden Fog-Jane-Emley.jpg
Hikers at Dawn - Nicholl Knob, Pt. Richmond-Rita-Gardner.jpg
Ghost Trees_Phoenix Lake _ Mt Tam-Jane-Emley.jpeg