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Art & Found Day

On March 12, several AOPR members and hundreds of artists around the world participated in International Art and Found Day, a joyful celebration of art when painters, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, and other artisans package their artwork with a note on the outside and leave in a public place for local residents to find. 

Begun in Canada in 2015, Art and Found Day is now worldwide, and a wonderful way to spread positivity within your community! It can also be a way to connect with other artists and increase awareness of artists' work.

Art pictured below offered by Louise Williams, Anna Froker, Caitlin Hibma and Gail Morrison (in memory of David Moore):

Find out more at Spread the word; let's grow AOPR's participation in Art and Found Day next year on March 12, 2025!

Art is powerful. It is a catalyst for inspiration, creativity and motivation. It is the perfect tool for societies to connect and share a positive experience! 

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I love seeing this . I left some jewelry at the library. Pat Tostenson

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