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Enter the Artists Gallery

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

All website visitors can see the Artist Gallery but only AOPR members can add their own stories to the gallery.

When you go to the gallery as a new member, look for the "Create mine" link in the upper right.

Click "Create mine" to reveal an edit screen. This is your page and you manage it yourself.

Tell viewers what you do, what you care about, and how people can find you.

You can add links in the "Statement" section to direct people to other websites.. You can upload up to ten images of your work into your personal portfolio.

When you're done, it might look like this.

Publishing Your Page

When you first create your personal artist's page, that page is hidden from everyone except you. Note the lock symbol over the artist's image.

Your page stays hidden until you unlock it and save on the Edit screen.

Clicking that padlock icon unlocks your page so that it can be seen in the gallery. Remember to save this change.

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