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Ground-breaking New Exhibit in Post Office Windows

"Symbiosis". Noun: A cooperative relationship (as between two persons or groups):“The two artists, each with their own style, share a symbiosis that enriches both their individual and collaborative work.”

Symbiosis is an “aesthetic narrative”, a conversation among the elements of line, shape, texture, color, and value, within the contained spaces of the Post Office windows. It is the result of a two-year collaboration between the artists Penelope Anstruther and Betsy Kellas (pictured above) who recreated the Post Office windows in their studio to better understand and respond to limitations and possibilities inherent in the actual spaces.

The work evolved over many months with time spent in deeply focused conversations and critiques, as well as serious experiments and playful explorations of a wide range of materials including found objects, ready-mades, and clay. The installation is intended to engage the viewer, create curiosity, and spark imagination.

The show will be up until September 6th — don't miss it!

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