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NEW 2023 Winter AOPR Membership Exhibition at Lara's Fine Dining

This is one of our best shows ever, so be sure to treat yourself and have a look!

The new 2023 Winter AOPR Membership Exhibition is now installed at Lara's Fine Dining in Marina Bay, and will be on display until the end of June.

The exhibition features 54 pieces of art by 35 AOPR artists working in collage, oils, acrylics, photography, watercolor, textiles, metal and more.

Big thanks to Lara, for hosting AOPR exhibitions, to exhibition managers Louise Williams and Jan Chleboun, and to all the AOPR volunteers who helped with installation of the show!

(Artwork featured in this article, from top to bottom, by artists Becca Riley, Gayle Asali-Dickson, and Virginia Rigney.)

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