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New Exhibition at Post Office

Peter Carleton and Dr. Doug Smith

Dye on Aluminum and Photography

Left to right, below: Peter Carleton and Doug Smith. Photo by Louise Williams.

Peter works with dye on aluminum, using the class of dyes used for printing on fabrics or making photo “metal prints”. He uses brushes, squeegees, bouncing balls—anything handy—to apply and manipulate the “paint”. His inspiration comes when his medium “acts up” and does something he hadn’t anticipated. When an accident is happy enough, he heats the metal to permanently set the dye.

Below, left to right: Dye on aluminum by Peter Carleton and "Flamingo Tongue" photograph by Doug Smith

Doug began his photography training underwater! Beginning in the 1990’s, he traveled to warm water diving locations and participated in underwater photography training workshops conducted by a National Geographic photographer. Selected images from this phase of his work are included the Point Richmond post office exhibition.

For more information about the Post Office exhibit and both artists, please go to .

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