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No, We Were Not Hacked

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Some of you received a scary email something like this.

Looks suspicious, right? I know I wouldn't go near an email like this, especially if I wasn't expecting it.

Fortunately, this is a valid AOPR email. The WIX automation that drives our website sent this email to you on our behalf when we invited you to join the website,

I wish we could modify the email to make it more clear. WIX does not allow that at the moment.

When we added you to our contact list and told WIX to make you a member of the website., it created a member account for you ... then sent this email.

Of course it doesn't have a password for you. So it treated this in the same way that it would if you already had a member account ... and forgot your password.

You do not have to click anything on this email

Although it is OK to do so, you don't have to. You might prefer a more cautious approach:

  1. Open a new browser tab

  2. Go to as you would any website

  3. Log In

That takes you to the "Forgotten Password" screen where you create your password.

Fill that in and it becomes your password for your new AOPR Member account.

The password that you enter is for your membership in THIS AOPR WEBSITE ALONE.

It should be a brand new password and not one of your existing passwords that you use anywhere else.

If someone were to grab it, all they could do is masquerade as you on the AOPR website. Not a good thing at all … but not a huge risk for you either.

You were told "The link has expired"

You may get this message if the email with this message sat around for too long.

Don't worry. Go log in. When it asks for your password, click "Forgot Password". We'll send you another email just like this one ... but with a fresh link to the "Create Password" screen.

How to tell this email is for real

This section is for the techno-curious. You can skip it.

You can tell that the email is real by loading the email link into a browser. That's safe to do as long as you don't go any further.

Look at the browser address bar. It should be something like this:

It shows a lock icon meaning your session is protected by the secure transport protocol. The front part – - is our AOPR website domain. This combination cannot be faked by someone else.

The “forgotPasswordToken=” is how WIX knows what you’re trying to do.

Welcome aboard!

Ward Bell, AOPR Webmaster

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