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The Healing Power of Art

"Point Richmond Talks" Event at Point Richmond Gallery

"Could you draw how you feel right now?" "Which of these objects from nature appeals to you most?" These are questions that artist and art therapist Leslie Mueller might ask in an art therapy session. In her presentation on April 14 at Point Richmond Gallery, Leslie discussed the transformative power of art, described her own art-making process, and explained how she combines her therapeutic training and fine art background to provide a unique healing experience.

The lively presentation included plenty of questions from the audience and culminated with an eco-art therapy experience: Each audience member chose several items from an array of rocks, shells, twigs, moss and wood (provided by Leslie) and then arranged them into a personal vignette. When everyone had finished their assemblage, each person spoke briefly about what they had created and the feelings evoked by the experience. A highly enjoyable—and enlightening—afternoon!

Join us for the next "Point Richmond Talks" event on Sunday, April 21, from 3:00—4:30pm, celebrating the life and work of the late artist and cartoonist Joel Beck, whose work is currently on display at Point Richmond Gallery. Our speaker will be Phil Rowe, a close friend of Joel Beck, who will take us on a journey through the extraordinary life of this underground comic pioneer and artist. At Point Richmond Gallery, 145 West Richmond Avenue, Point Richmond.

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