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New Exhibition at Post Office

Window on Wetlands

January 9—March 14, 2023

Textile artist Becca Riley and fused glass artist Bonnie Leonard have created an exquisite exhibition in the Post Office windows, an eye-popping display of fused glass and textile art representing the flora and fauna of our local marshes.

Their collaboration began as a discussion about the rigidity and softness of their respective media, and morphed into a year-long exploration of materials and perspectives with the goal of spotlighting the importance of healthy marshes in our ecosystem.

Photos do not do justice to the artists' work, so when the rain abates, be sure to experience the craft and imagination of this exhibition in person. The window on the left as you're facing the building is "Wetlands at Dusk" and the window on the right is the "Wetlands at Dawn".

Special thanks to AOPR artist Paige Tashner for crafting the legs for the egret and the oystercatcher, and to venue managers Jan Chleboun and Louise Williams for their encouragement and physical labor to help install the exhibition.

For more information about this exhibition, go to

For more information about marshlands, visit Save the Bay and National Park Service

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